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J Hamilton & Associates is a long-standing, leading law firm offering a broad range of legal services, specialising in family law.

Family law solicitor - Mackay Queensland - Family Law - Conveyancing - Dispute Resolution - Childrens Law - Jennifer Hamilton.

Family law

J. Hamilton & Associates has provided advice and support for those dealing with relationship breakdowns or changes in family circumstances, for over 40 years. Under the leadership of Jennifer Hamilton, one of Australia’s leading family lawyers, we’ve helped thousands of people with their family law needs.

Our team of experienced solicitors have been admitted to all Courts in Queensland, as well as the High Court of Australia.

Jenny Hamilton and Louise Sawtell are both Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialists, Independent Children’s Lawyers, and Australian National Accredited Mediators.

Jenny, the company’s namesake, has more than three decades of experience in all areas of law, specialising in family and children’s law, and she is also an accredited Arbitrator.

The J. Hamilton & Associates team knows their clients need the reassurance that comes with their matters being handled by experienced professionals. Our team is committed to regular professional development and training to ensure we maintain the highest standard of legal services and give our clients the peace of mind they need through some of the toughest times in their lives.

Both Jenny and Louise are also members of the AIFLAM (Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators) which commands rigorous and regular auditing and accreditation to ensure the highest professional standards.

J. Hamilton & Associates works closely with a range of professionals to attain the best outcome for our clients, including business and property valuers, accountants and taxation experts, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrics and medical experts, to name a few.

We can help you with:

Separation and divorce

Amid the emotion and the hurt that comes with separation and divorce, a voice of reason is what you need. That’s where J. Hamilton & Associates will step in. They ensure you are heard and understood, and that you understand the process, what your entitlements are, and present you with options.


Property and financial settlements

J. Hamilton & Associates will guide you through the tricky – and emotional – journey of property and financial settlements, making sure you understand your rights and your entitlements, and can achieve a fair and reasonable outcome.


Children’s matters

J. Hamilton & Associates’ team works to make sure children are heard and supported through whatever the situation they are facing. Whatever the issue, from custody issues to children’s court appearances, the team will be there to represent them but also support them.


Parenting arrangements

When relationships break down, J. Hamilton & Associates understands that kids come first. That’s why we will work with you to ensure the fairest outcomes for your children. We will help you through the process of identifying your children’s needs, and ensure you understand your (and your children’s) rights and obligations. From mediation, to parenting agreement development, to court proceedings, we will be there with you.


Spousal maintenance

It’s never easy to leave a relationship, but when you feel financially stuck, it’s even harder. J. Hamilton & Associates will work with you and ensure you can feel safe and empowered, and that you receive what you’re financially entitled to. Spousal maintenance is completely separate from and different to child support or child maintenance and, chances are, you may not have even known you could be entitled to it. So, ask us about it. We will make certain you understand how it works, what’s involved and how it applies in your personal situation.


Domestic violence

J. Hamilton & Associates can provide representation to victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and work with you to ensure a just and fair outcome. We can work with those against whom a Domestic Violence Order or Apprehended Violence Order has been served to determine the course of action – from undertakings, to acceptance of the order, to trial.

Our team will also work to ensure victims of domestic violence – be it physical abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse or any other domestic abuse – feel safe, protected and empowered through what is a difficult and often extremely anxious time.


Grandparent’s interests

Grandparents are all too often the forgotten victims in a relationship or family breakdown. Grandparents will be heard, supported and guided through their journey to play a part in the lives of their grandchildren. J. Hamilton & Associates will work with grandparents to ensure they understand their rights and obligations and work toward a fair outcome.


Relocation and recovery of children

J. Hamilton & Associates will be a steadying hand and a calm, decisive source of reassurance when it comes to the safe recovery or relocation of your children. We maintain clear and open lines of communication and we make sure you understand your rights and obligations throughout the process. Most importantly, we know the most important people in all of this are the children, so their care and welfare is always front of mind.


Alternative dispute resolution

If there is a way we can keep you and your matters out of the courts, and find a resolution without it coming to that, then J. Hamilton & Associates will leave no stone unturned. We will ensure you are empowered with the information and the understanding of the process – and every option – available before having to “see you in court”.


Mediation and litigation

Sometimes sitting down with an independent person (a mediator) can be all it takes to come to an agreement. J. Hamilton & Associates can help you understand the process and make sure you are aware of how mediation works, how you need to prepare and what’s involved. They can also facilitate sessions and be present as a representative.



Jenny Hamilton is renowned as a professional and experienced Arbitrator, and she’ll be there by your side when it counts. The team will ensure you understand the process and know your rights and obligations. It might not be quite like going to court, but J. Hamilton & Associates knows the angst and uncertainty that can come with any formal proceedings, so you can rest assured you will be supported.



If, in the end, there is no other path to take, then going to court is something you need to be prepared for. The J. Hamilton & Associates team will ensure you are prepared, and understand the process, as well as knowing your rights and responsibilities. They are there for you and with you – and with their highest degree of professionalism and vast experience, this is a team you want in your corner when the fight gets real.