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J Hamilton & Associates is a long-standing, leading law firm offering a broad range of legal services, specialising in family law.

Criminal Law and Domestic Violence Mackay | J Hamilton Associates

Criminal Law and Domestic Violence

It’s when you are up against the most difficult and challenging circumstances in life that you need the best representation.

That’s where J. Hamilton & Associates’ experience, breadth of knowledge and understanding of the legal system comes to the fore.

Our team of experienced solicitors have been admitted to all Courts in Queensland, as well as the High Court of Australia.

Jenny Hamilton and Louise Sawtell are both Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialists, Independent Children’s Lawyers, and Australian National Accredited Mediators.

Jenny has more than 40 years of experience in all areas of law, specialising in family and children’s law, and she is also an Accredited Arbitrator.

The J. Hamilton & Associates team knows their clients need the reassurance that comes with their matters being handled by experienced professionals. Our team is committed to regular professional development and training to ensure we maintain the highest standard of legal services and give our clients the peace of mind they need through some of the toughest times in their lives.

You can feel confident knowing that our lawyers will act with integrity and professionalism at all times during your proceedings.

The team at J. Hamilton & Associates are very familiar with dealing with the police, the Court and the justice system.

Lodging a Domestic Violence Application for aggrieved

It is empowering, terrifying and feels very final, all at once, so when you are taking the courageous step to lodge a domestic violence application with the courts, you need to know you have the best possible support.

J. Hamilton & Associates will be there with you, every step of the way. They will support you, guide you and ensure you understand exactly what is going on, what your rights and responsibilities are, and what you need to do, at every step of your journey.

They will assist in preparing you for court appearances, connect you with support networks and ensure you feel safe and secure throughout. Whether your matter goes to trial, the order is accepted and upheld or a mutual undertaking is settled upon, you can rest assured you will be supported.


Defending Domestic Violence Applications and breaches of Domestic Violence Orders

Whatever the circumstances, J. Hamilton & Associates team of highly skilled and experienced family law solicitors will ensure you are apprised of your rights, responsibilities and that you are heard.

We will work with you, through the entire process, to have your case clearly and fairly heard – whether in response to an initial domestic violence application or a breach of an order.


Traffic infringements from minor offences through to dangerous driving

From minor offences through to dangerous driving, J. Hamilton & Associates’ team of lawyers will be there with you to ensure you are supported and heard throughout your proceedings.

We will work with you at every stage of a mention, hearing or trial to ensure you are heard and your case is clearly articulated in court.


Drug related offences

Whatever the nature or severity of your charges, J. Hamilton & Associates’ team will ensure you are fairly and thoroughly represented, across all jurisdictions.

Our team will make sure your case is heard and we will keep you informed about the process, your rights and what the outcomes mean. We will also work with your family, as needed, or requested, to be sure they understand what’s going on and what it means for them – and you.


Charges of assault and assault occasioning grievous bodily harm

Our team will work with you to ensure you are completely clear on what your rights and responsibilities are, as well as ensuring your account of events is heard.

Across all jurisdictions, whether you enter an early plea or choose the various courses of action available to you, J. Hamilton & Associates will keep you informed and work with you, so you understand your options and next steps.


Charges relating to the death of a person

J. Hamilton & Associates is the experienced and highly skilled team you want on your side when it counts. You can be assured of their depth of knowledge across all court jurisdictions, as well as vast experience in a broad spectrum of serious matters.

They will help cut through the emotion and be sure you are heard, with fair and knowledgeable representation. Whatever course of action you take, they will work with you to ensure you understand the process, the next steps and all available options.


Child welfare matters

Where children are involved, their needs and wellbeing always come first. That’s why J. Hamilton & Associates, with their experience in child and family matters, as well as accreditations in mediation, arbitration and all Australian court jurisdictions, can work to ensure children are heard and represented in their best interests.


Confiscations and proceeds of crime

In most cases, under Queensland law, money and property forfeited to the State as proceeds of crime will be sold and returned to the State’s purse.

J. Hamilton & Associates can work with you to determine whether you have cause to seek the return of property which might have been confiscated, and work with you to ensure you understand your rights and make representations on your behalf.


Fraud and dishonesty offences

J. Hamilton & Associate’s team have a breadth of experience spanning a vast spectrum of matters. Whether it is a stealing offence, shop lifting, you’ve been charged with stealing from your employer or facing fraud charges relating to a government agency, we will ensure you are given fair representation and understand the options available to you.

We are there with you at every step, to ensure you are heard and you understand the process and any possible outcomes.


Sexual offences

Across the full gamut of sexual offences, our team of experienced lawyers will support you through every step of the process, across all court jurisdictions.

J. Hamilton & Associates will work to ensure your case is heard and you are protected via court mechanisms which determine the naming of victims or perpetrators, hearings in closed court, the protection of witnesses and support for yourself, your loved ones and supporters.

At each step we will make sure you understand the process as it unfolds, as well as your next steps; and ensure your options and potential outcomes are clear.


Breaches of probation

J. Hamilton & Associates will ensure you are represented in court and you are aware of the process, your possible next steps and potential outcomes. Whether a minor breach or you have a history of similar offences, our team will work with you to ensure you are heard and you have the best opportunity for a fair and reasonable outcome.


Conferencing with Police Prosecutions or the Director of Public Prosecutions in respect of charges

J. Hamilton & Associates’ team knows the law and understands how to ensure you are given the fairest opportunity to achieve a just outcome. From the very beginning, the team will work with prosecuting officers, across all court jurisdictions to understand, and where appropriate, negotiate the details of charges faced.